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Daily Bible Verses | February 15 | Joshua 2 | Joshua 3 | Joshua 4 | Joshua 5
Joshua Teaches Learn to Change your Location for Blessing
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Joshua 2:

Joshua sent spies to investigate the promised land and a prostitute hid the spies from the King of Jericho.  The prostitute knew God, testified to all the wonders that God has done for Israel in Egypt and beyond, accepted God, and requested God's help in saving her family.  If a prostitute can see God from afar and still repent, then all of humanity sees God, but many will never repentShe knew God but remained in sins because she did not change her locationChange your location like Abraham and the prostitute to get close to God today.

Joshua 3:

God was happy with Joshua because he did not procrastinate, but went ahead to do what God asked him to do immediately.  This is what God expects from all his followers in order for us to be healthy, prosperous, and live longHe understood what he had to do and he went ahead to do it without permission or question.       

  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land

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Joshua 4:

God dried up the River Jordan for the Israelites to walk through into the promised land like he did the Red Sea in Egypt. Joshua also made the people take 12 stones from the River Jordan, each representing the 12 tribe of Israel, as they crossed the River Jordan.  After they crossed, Joshua took all the stones and set them up as a testimony for all to see that the Jordan River was dried when God took them over the River JordanAlways leave a sign or testimony about what God has done for you for all to see because God likes that.

Joshua 5:

God commanded Joshua to circumcise all the males born during their forty year journey through the wilderness.  After they healed, they celebrated the Passover with food from Canaan and the next day was the last time Manna fell from heaven for them to eat.  Joshua then saw the commander of God's army that he did not know and he was instructed to take off his sandals because he was on Holy Land.  God will always send someone to lead you on your mission even if that person is of a different race, gender, or religion.          

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