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Daily Bible Verses | February 20 | Joshua 22 | Joshua 23 | Joshua 24 | Judges 1
Joshua Teaches the Secrets to Achieve Long-Term Peace
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Joshua 22:

The eastern tribes of Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh (half of Joseph) went westward with the rest of the tribes to help them get and settle in the own land.  They only went home after all the tribes were settled on their own land.  This is what God expects from all of humanity regardless of race, gender, or religionLooking out for each other's interest is of more value to God than worshipping other gods, such as money, profits, unholy alliances, or racial segregation for benefits.  Any follower of God who does not obey God but follow other gods specifically for profits and benefit has no place with God.

Joshua 23:

No matter what, as long as you follow God there will always be peace at all your sides, everything promised to you will be granted, but the lord will punish you and take it all away if you disobey.   

  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land

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Joshua 24:

Joshua was a great leader and did no wrong before God.  The whole of Israel worshipped God under his leadership and not a single enemy worried Israel.  You follow God, you will be blessed with peace and prosperity, but you disobey and follow other gods (money, material wealth, drugs, unholy alliances), you perish.

Judges 1:

Always try to finish completely.  Various tribes of Israel did not drive out all their enemies completely, despite the fact that God was with them.      

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