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Judges Teaches the Jews Never Liked or Wanted God
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Judges 2:

The Jews (Israelites) always strayed from GodNo matter what God gave them for peace, they still went to serve others gods (money, wealth, land, possessions)Even after God defeated all their enemies and gave them the promised land for peace, they still went to worship the gods of their neighbors, who they were supposed to drive out of the land and reject their waysAnytime God gave Israel a Judge to save them from the plunder and oppression of the neighbors, they returned to worshipping the gods of the oppressive nations as soon as the judge died.  This was why God NEVER drove the nations left out of the promised land.  Those nations were used to keep the Jews in line with God.  Jews will never have peace because they are a people who love to follow other gods (money, land, unjust laws) instead of a God of justice, peace, and fairness

Judges 3:

God intentionally left the rest of the Canaanite nations (brothers of African Egypt, African Libya (Put), and Ethiopia (Cush) - Gen 10:6) to act as a test for Israel's faith in God. The Philistines (children of African Egypt - Gen 10:14) were also present in the land of Canaan.  No matter the punishment and oppression God gave the Jewish, they happily went after other gods as soon as their judges died.     

  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land

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Judges 4:

Women, like Deborah, were instrumental in God's service to humanity as judges and prophetesses.  In fact, the glory of the defeat of Canaan's general was in the hands of another women.  Women do great things in little ways.  They may not hold a sword but can still bring peace, victory, and unity.

Judges 5:

Sing praises to God whenever possible for the many victories he has given you - life, work, house, spouse, children, health, and peace of mind.     

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