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Daily Bible Verses | January 2 | Genesis 5 | Genesis 6 | Genesis 7 | Genesis 8
Genesis Teaches Origin of the Races, Unclean, & Clean Animals
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Genesis 5:

Adam lived 130 years when the gave birth to Seth, but lived for 930 years.  The first 9 descendants of Adam lived up to 800-900 years, except Enoch, who lived for only 365 years because God took him, and Lamech the father of Noah, who lived for 777 years.  Enoch walked with God and lived the shortest life for his blamelessness.  Noah is the 10th generation from Adam and he gave birth to Shem (Arabs), Ham (Africans), and Japheth (Europeans and Asians).  The western world (the original North and South Americans) are a combination of the descendants of these people.

Genesis 6:

Man began to multiply to fill the earth as God commanded.  Some angels of God saw some of the daughters of humans and married them because they were fair (non-African = Shem & Jepheth).  God was upset (I thought God was all knowing. So why is God angry?) because humans were now mixing with angels, so he reduced the life span of man to only 120 years.  Mixing with angels will increase their mind (gotten from the tree of "knowledge of good and evil" from Satan) to know too much and live too long in the flesh (having more time to do evil).  The children of these angels and fair women became giants and renowned men of the earth, who used their knowledge in the flesh to do much evil. God then regretted making humans (God does not know what humans would do in the future) and planned to destroy all living things, except vegetation (mere food for other living things with flesh).  God felt all flesh was now too corrupt and violent (wars and carnivore attacks), but found favor with Noah because he walked with God.  God told Noah to build an ark of wood that was three stories for his family and his sons' family (8 people), as well as two (male and female) of every flesh (except water animals, who will not survive without water in the ark) because God was going to destroy all flesh.  Noah also took food as God commanded and God promised to make His first covenant with Noah.  It seems Noah was the first official Man of God.  Some land and air animals from the ark may have evolved to become the water creatures we see today because all flesh died and no water creature entered the ark.

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Genesis 7:

God told Noah to enter the ark with his family and animals because he had been faithful to God in all his generation.  God then told him to take seven pairs of cleans animals (7 males and 7 females from herbivores and birds) and two pairs of unclean animals (2 males and 2 females from carnivores and pigs).  Noah was 600 years old when God sent the first rain ever to destroy all flesh and God gave Noah a week notice to get into the ark.  The rain was to fall for 40 days and nights because the fountains from beneath broke out from the ground for the first time (first evaporation). The 40-day rain caused great flood upon the earth, which covered every mountain and killed all flesh.  The water stayed above the earth for 150 days and only the flesh in the ark survived. 

Genesis 8:

God sent a wind across the earth to calm things down, and the evaporation from the ground as well as the rain from heaven stopped.  Noah stayed in the ark for about a week until a dove he sent out returned with an olive leaf.  He did the same seven days later, and the dove did not return anymore because the water had gone down.  The earth could now sustain life again and all flesh came out of the ark.  Noah then built the first alter to God and offer the first offering.  God was so impressed with the aroma of the offering that he promised not to destroy the earth again despite the fact that man is wicked from youth (knowledge in the flesh is used more for evil).  Life returned to normal.

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