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Daily Bible Verses | January 20 | Exodus 27 | Exodus 28 | Exodus 29 | Exodus 30
Exodus Teaches Moses & the Altar, Priests' Garment, Incense, & Consecration
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Exodus 27:

They built an altar for sacrifices and offering, made a courtyard for the tabernacle, and the people brought oil to keep the lampstand lit.            

Exodus 28:

Priestly garment were made.  Ephod and breast-piece for the priest were made of gold.               

  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land

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Exodus 29:

Consecration of the priests in order to carry out God work on behalf of the people.                

Exodus 30:

An altar was build for burning incense every morning, collected money for annual atonement before God for their lives, provided anointing oil for consecration, and God made Moses make a special incense for him that should not be for any person.  Whoever uses God formula to make incense for personal use should become an outcast.       

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