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Leviticus Teaches Why God Wants Animals for Offerings
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Leviticus 7:

God gives Moses further regulations for guilt and fellowship offerings.  God also forbids the eating of animal fat and blood or be cut off from the people - exile or death.  God also discusses the priests' share with Moses.  The fats of the animal belongs to God, which should be burnet on the altar, while the breast of the animal belongs to the priests.            

Leviticus 8:

God ordains Aaron and his sons as priest of Israel through Moses.  They are to are to make offerings and atonement on behalf of the people to God.  They are to follow the strict instructions of what to do with the animal meat, animal fat, as well as grain offerings.  Other functions will include lightning of lampstands and burning of incense.               

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Leviticus 9:

Aaron and his sons their ministry as priests.             

Leviticus 10:

Nadad and Abihu, sons of Aaron, made unauthorized fire before God and against God's command.  God then consumed them with fire.  The priest were told to cover their heads and not drink alcohol.     

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