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Daily Bible Verses | January 26 | Leviticus 11 | Leviticus 12 | Leviticus 13 | Leviticus 14
Leviticus Teaches Animals Good for Food, Pregnancy, & Baldness
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Leviticus 11:

God told Moses to inform the Jews to only eat animals with a completely divided hoof and chews its cud (eating the food that was swallowed previously), which excludes rabbit, camel, coney, and pigs.  They are not to even touch the meat or carcass of non-approved animals.  They are to only eat and touch sea creatures that have fins and scales, and reject birds that feed on flesh like eagles, hawk, raven, owl, and kite. They are to avoid all flying insect that walk on all four, except those with wings and have joint legs for hopping like locust, cricket, and grasshoppers. Every creature that moves on the ground like weasel, gecko, lizards, and chameleon, must be avoided.  Whoever violates these rules will be unclean till evening and must wash their clothes. Food to eat are considered clean to God, but those that are to be avoided are considered unclean.                  

Leviticus 12:

God told Moses that a woman who reproduces a boy should be unclean for 7 days and the boy circumcised on the 8th day. The mother must wait 33 days to be purified from the bleedingIf a girl is born, she is unclean for 2 weeks and must be purified from the bleeding for 66 days (I guess baby girls produce more blood in mothers than the boys do - What do the doctors say?). The mother is to make a sin offering after purification is completed.                  

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Leviticus 13:

God tells Moses that infectious skin diseases, like leprosy, are to be monitored by the priests periodically.  Baldness is not unclean or a sickness to God.               

Leviticus 14:

God gives Moses rules for cleansing infectious skin diseases. This includes being taking out of the camp, washing of clothes, shaving of hair, and bathing in ceremonially clean water.    

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