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1 Kings Teaches Wealth Is Wisdom and Knowledge, Not Money
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1 Kings 10:

Queen Sheba of Ethiopia visits King Solomon to see for herself the greatness of Solomon's wisdom, God's temple, and Solomon's palace.  Solomon used his wisdom as a tourist attraction to amass wealth from all who came to see him.  He became wealthier and wiser than all the rulers of the earth at the time.  Knowledge and wisdom are superior to moneyIt is wisdom and knowledge that brings money in, except you steal it by forceThe fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, not money.  Followers of God must embrace education, not money or instant gratification.  Readers are leaders, and let your education work through you.  Never fear or worry about student loans, use it to maximize your wisdom and knowledge for God, your family,  and your community.

1 Kings 11:

Solomon's heart was turned away from God at old age because he had too many women (about 1000) and had to please some of them.  He began to worship other gods (graven images, money, & unholy alliances) and even build altar for them.  He no longer relied on God completely, but now started serving other things that his wealth and influence could provide.  When men get old, their wives normally lead them unlike their younger daysGod was so angry with Solomon because he had appeared to him twice (like no other) and he still fell short. So God told him that out of respect for David, he will keep Israel and Jerusalem, but will tear the kingdom away from his son and give it to his servant.  So God made enemies against Solomon and chose Jeroboam to the the King of Israel over 10 tribes, and Rehoboam, son of Solomon, will have the rest (only 2 tribes) only for the sake of David.  God keeps his promise and people suffer for disobeying God.  God may be slow, but he is never late.  King Solomon died.

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1 Kings 12:

After Solomon died, the people came to Rehoboam, his son, and pleaded that he reduces the heavy yoke Solomon put on them.  So Solomon must have used the name of God, the temple, the palace, and his wisdom to burden his people for wealth later in life after he went after other gods.  Rehoboam refused the people's offer and promised to increase it harshly.  So the people rebelled and installed Jeroboam as the new King of Israel and Rehoboam fled to Jerusalem with the tribe of Judah only, but the tribe of Benjamin (the most active tribe in the past 500 years since they came out of Egypt) was in the area.  Rehoboam then brought Benjamin and Judah together to go fight and unify Israel under him, but God intervened and told them not to go fight their relatives because it was his doingGod is in control of all things, not man, influence, or money.

1 Kings 13:

Jeroboam became scared that if the people kept going to God's Temple in Jerusalem, they might turn again to David's house, kill him, and return to make Rehoboam kingSo Jeroboam build two idols for the people to worship as their god in order to turn their attention from Rehoboam.  He provided priest for the gods that were not even Levites, build the idols worship houses on high places, and offered sacrifices to them.  The spirit of ingratitude is a disease.  Jeroboam inherited what was not his.  He did not steal it, but was given to him by God.  All he had to do was follow God, but the fear of losing his inheritance was now greater that the God who gave it to him.  He did not doubt God when God promised him the kingdom, but he did not trust God to keep the kingdom, so he went to win the people against God to secure his position.  Always give back freely to those who give to you and stand by you.  Do not try to double-cross them and dump them like they do not matter. Money for power is the opposite of worshipping God.

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