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Daily Bible Verses | March 28 | 1 Chronicles 15 | 1 Chronicles 16 | 1 Chronicles 17 | 1 Chronicles 18
1 Chronicles Teaches Qualities of a Great Leader to God
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1 Chronicles 15:

King David brought the Ark of God into the tent he had prepared for it.  He gathered the people, asked the priest and all the family of Levi to consecrate themselves, and the Levites carried the Ark on their shoulders rather than on oxen as Moses had commanded.   David and the Levites wore linen, and everyone danced to the loud music as they rejoiced for God and the Ark coming into Jerusalem.  When Michal, David's wife and Saul's daughter, saw David dancing and rejoicing, she despised himIs she for the father or the husband? Should she not be rejoicing that God has entered the city of her husband - David?  Try to follow God's word or pay for it.  Only priests were supposed to carry the Ark of God and on their shoulders.  This is what killed Uzzah when the touched the Ark.

1 Chronicles 16:

King David placed the Ark in the tent he had set aside for it, gave offerings before God, and shared the meat from the offerings with every Israelite along with bread and raisins.  He then, appointed ministers from the Levites to minister before the Ark.  David wrote a song of thanks, which they all sang and praised God.  A great leader unifies his people before God in oneness, fairness, and orderlinessA useless leader divides his people across racism, sexism, tribalism, and religions affiliations in an attempt to create classes of have and have-notThe aim is to make the have-nots subservient to those that have, which includes the leader, his few undesirable friends, and worthless family members

  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land

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1 Chronicles 17:

David told Prophet Nathan that he was not going to let the Ark of God be in a tent when he lives in a palace build with cedar.  God then sent words to David through Nathan that one of his sons will build God's temple and God will be with that son all the days of his lifeGod also promised not to cut the son off like he did to Saul and was going to make David's name like the great ones of the earth.  David went before God to spend time with God and to find out why God even bothered to favor him among all people and Israel among the nations.  He then thanked God and begged God to keep and fulfill all the good promises about him and his descendants forever.  So you can humble yourself to spend time with God and ask for anything.  You can even encourage God to make a promise in your affairs and patiently wait for him to fulfill it.  How great is God Almighty?

1 Chronicles 18:

David defeated all his enemies such as the Philistines, Moabites, Syrians, Edomites, and Amalekites.  Many became his servants and brought tributes to Jerusalem.  A follower of God may suffer some setbacks, but he reigns supreme.   

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