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Daily Bible Verses | March 4 | 1 Samuel 21 | 1 Samuel 22 | 1 Samuel 23 | 1 Samuel 24
1 Samuel Teaches Be Tactful Even With God On Your Side
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1 Samuel 21:

David lied to the priest that King Saul sent him on an errand rather than say that he was running away from Saul who was trying to kill him.  He even ate holy bread that was meat for the Priest because he had no food, and took the sword of Goliath that was kept in the temple as a national souvenir for conquest.  When he ran to a neighboring king, he had to pretend that he was mad, so that the King would care for him rather than be afraid of the great David.  Even as a Christian, you have to be tactful (symptoms of success) to get what you want as long as it does not hinder, harm, or kill anotherDavid was running for his life, so he had to say things and act deceitfully as a survival skill at no expense to another manWisdom and common sense is part of Plan B needed as a follower of God for God to give you success.

1 Samuel 22:

King Saul was against all that was with David.  Even David's parents and siblings came to stay with him in despair.  Saul killed the household of the Priests of God and everyone in their city for giving provision to David during his escape.  The Priests were innocent because David had deceived them, but Abiathar, a son of the priests, escaped.  May we not be killed or punished for the good we do for our fellowman because of being good Samaritans.

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1 Samuel 23:

When you talk to God, he always answersYou have to learn to be observant and listen to God.  David asked God if Saul was coming to attack him in the city he defended against the philistines and if the people will hand him over to Saul when he comes.  God answered by saying "yes" twice to both questions, so David escaped.  Be prayerful and wait on God, and you will know the direction to take.  Again, another people David was living amongst ran to Saul and told him they will deliver David to him.  As Saul was getting close to capture David, the Philistines invaded the area, so Saul had to retreat to go fight against the Philistines.  God will always keep your enemies busy on your behalf as long as you follow himWhenever they are planning for you, they will be given a burdensome task.

1 Samuel 24:

David had the opportunity to kill Saul, but did not.  Instead he bowed before him and told him that he cut a piece of his robe while Saul relieved himself.   Then Saul agreed that David was a better man than he was and he knew that David was going to be King of Israel.  You conquer evil with love and humility to the extent that evil admits that it is evil and repentsIt hurts more to speak highly with praise to evil people rather than to curse at them because it is then they see how inferior they truly are.

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