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Daily Bible Verses | March 5 | 1 Samuel 25 | 1 Samuel 26 | 1 Samuel 27 | 1 Samuel 28
1 Samuel Teaches Woman of Honor Is Cherished By Kings
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1 Samuel 25:

Samuel died.  Saul took back his daughter from David as wife.  David then takes Abigail as wife after her mean husband died because she was a woman of class.  Her husband had so much but refused to give a dime in return for the services David rendered in making sure that all he had was safe.  Bless others when you are blessed.  Always learn to give a little just to make others happy.  God struck the wicked man to death and David took his good wife because she was a woman of honor.

1 Samuel 26:

King Saul was minding his business when the Ziphites went to him to inform him that David was available for capture.  So Saul went after David and made a camp to spend the night.  While sleeping, David sneaked in to take the spear and water jar by his head, but did not kill him.  This happened because God made Saul and his army fall into deep sleep.  David went a distant and shouted out to Saul about what had happened.  Saul then thanked David for sparing his life, repented, and blessed David.   Do not be like those who worship other gods (money, lies, unjust laws, unholy alliances), who will take any and every opportunity to have something no matter who or what they destroy in the process. David had two chances to kill King Saul, his enemy, but he refused because he wanted to show that he was better, more cultured, and God was with him.  David was a man of honor.

  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land

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1 Samuel 27:

David ran to go live among the Philistine in order to discourage King Saul from pursuing him.  He stayed there over a year and made many successful raids.  A follower of God can live and survive anywhere, even amongst the worst of enemies until his mission there is fulfilledA man of credit is celebrated even by his enemies.

1 Samuel 28:

The Philistines waged war against Israel.  King Saul as usual was afraid of the size of the opposition.  So he disguised himself to go see a medium, whose services he had banned from the land with death as a penalty.  He ordered the medium to bring Samuel from the grave to deliver the word of GodSamuel did and told Saul that Israel will be defeated and that Saul as well as his sons will join him in death the next dayThe word of God can come from any place, but make sure your are matured enough in God to seek God yourself rather than through mediums and witchcraft because they can be deceitful.  Saul was not a man of honor.

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