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  She is in tears and torn apart by fear.
With every passing day,
The desire to fight continues to fade.
For the rage is on.

The rising sun fails to offer hope.
As it's only a renewal of sorrow.
Puzzling about the next move,
which seems never certain.
Sorrow fills her mind because
She worries about her children.

They have been promised a lot about the future.
And so they envision a lot of treasures.
For with this, continuity had been assured
to the generations yet unborn.

This generation thinks she's right
to continue doing what they feel wise.
They, only, know what wisdom is
Because it is subject to their own judgment.
Their judgment of what should be?

George O. Uwaifo
"Poems of Conscience"
Copy Right 2006

  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land
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