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Are Blacks More Prejudice Than Other Races
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
August 7, 2009



I was listening to Warren Ballentine radio show on Friday, August 7, 2009, and they were discussing race, Black unity, and Black empowerment.  Some of the callers felt that the Europeans perfected racism so well around the globe to the extent that anywhere there was a dark face; he or she was bound to be at the bottom of the social and economical barrel.  Others accused the Jews, who are supported by the American systems and have been paid their reparation, as the group who has used its power in controlling various institutions to discredit Black America’s quest in search of freedom and equality.  Despite the moderator disagreeing and insisting that some Whites and Jews died for Blacks during the Civil Rights struggle, some Black callers still felt that they were solely responsible for racism and prejudice against Blacks. 


However, some Black callers did suggest that like the Asians, Arabs, and Hispanics, Blacks needed to create an intra-dependent economy where they can circulate business and money amongst themselves.  They argued that this will eventually lead to Blacks depending on themselves by becoming producers, becoming more relevant to the society, and caring less about what others think of them.  The question is:  How many Blacks can afford the capital or qualify to get a descent loan to start a legitimate business?  Many Blacks have excellent business ideas and want to do business with each other, but ideas without the qualification for finance due to racial profiling and excessive incarcerations, which enhances poverty, is nothing but wishful thinking. 

If racism is truly the foundation on which Black poverty, which necessitates daily menial habits for sustenance over long term education, is based upon, who then is the racist and the prejudice one?  Since the one that steals and the one that pretends not to see it or provides an alibi for the thief are both guilty, then many Blacks are as guilty of racism against Blacks as other races who are clearly involved.  Aside from Whites, Arabs, Asians, Jews, and Hispanics that may use their position to oppress Blacks, the Blacks that turn the other cheek to keep their jobs, Blacks that justify an incident in order to maintain their lucrative relationship with the offender, Black Attorneys who put money ahead of taking Civil Rights cases, Blacks with money who hate giving other Blacks a chance in business, Black leaders who enjoy being visual puppets in organizations that stand against poverty and equality, and Blacks who enjoy creating public reasonable doubts in order to be celebrated as open-minded are the most prejudice of all against the future and well-being of the next generation of the nation.  Without them, racism only exists in the mind and can never be acted out or covered up.


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