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Boycott the NFL
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
Dec 2007


  I want to use this opportunity to call on all God fearing people and lovers of justice not to buy any National Football League (NFL) items until Michael Vicks is freed from jail.  I have never really liked Vicks as a player even though I reside in Atlanta, but the way he was treated as a sports star was totally unacceptable.  If Vicks was White, they will not only protect him, but they will prove that what the cousin was arrested for had nothing to do with Vickís house.  Better yet, they might have given him a small fine, or warn him privately to stop that interest.  Would they have done this to Green Bay Packersí Brett Favre or Indiana Coltsí Peyton Manning? 

NFL did not even try to save Vicks like they would have done for others, yet when his teammates in Atlanta Falcons stood with him in his time of trouble, the NFL fined them severely.  What about those who also kill animals for the fun of hunting with paid licenses?  Are they in jail too?  Is team work only meant for work, games, and when things are going well, or it is for all times?  The NFL has violated the spirit of unity, oneness, teamwork, and fairness.  I say we ignore the NFL and their products until they learn to treat their players with the respect to voice their opinions and support their teammates.  Please boycott the NFL until justice reigns for Michael Vicks.


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