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Dog the Bounty Hunter & The Devilís Culture
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
Dec 2007



America is shocked with the fact that another popular American with a mass media show has proven yet again that America is not only a disunited country, but a country that still strives on racism and the denigration of Americans of African descent.  Duane ďDogĒ Chapman, who has a show on the Arts and Entertainment Channel (A&E) called ďDog the Bounty HunterĒ, was caught on tape calling the sonís Black girlfriend a ďnigger/niggaĒ.  He also went as far as saying that they used the ďDevilís wordĒ on a regular basics in his family (nuclear and extended).  His problem was not using the Devilís word against fellow Americans of a different God given color, but he did not want the sonís Black girlfriend hearing it from them.  This means that deep down in his soul, Dog the Bounty Hunter truly believes that the ďDevilís wordĒ truly applies to Black people and they should not be identified with as humans and as equals.  This is the true foundation of rejecting the Black girl as his sonís girlfriend and not necessary an issue of her hearing the ďDevilís wordĒ.   


Fox News also interviewed Dogís Pastor, who happens to be Black.  He is the pastor that did his wedding ceremony and the pastor of the church where Dog worships.  How can Dog who has a Black Pastor still be a racist against fellow Americans?  Does Dog deep down in his mind believe that his Pastor is also the ďDevilís wordĒ?  The truth is that racism is a White American culture and heritage that they have even backed up in the government, law, church, and the Bible.  It is the foundation of White (European) supremacy to acquire economic might through Black separation as a labor force.  If Blacks have no money (as a group from slavery and colonization), canít buy good justice to fight for them, canít acquire good education, canít afford good homes and neighborhoods, canít date or marry descent spouses, and canít compete with well established businesses, then they have no choice but to remain a labor force for survival and sustenance.  This is the true White America, except for a few that are well traveled and have embraced God and goodness as a way of life.  Many Whites can have a Black pastor, adopt a Black child, have a black neighbor or childhood friend, but one day, you will realize that an individual is his or her culture. 

We should not use Dog, Imus, and Richards as scapegoats.  This is truly who they are.  We must either embrace them as they are and have them keep their apologies, or we must pass strict laws that will help ensure that the Devilís culture of hate, denigration, and discrimination for the sake of cheap labor is totally abolished from the American society.  Anyone caught privately or publicly using the Devilís culture to hinder or discriminate against another must be punished by the law.  It can be words, nooses, hate beatings, intentional unfair judgments from judges, police brutality, or even Black entertainers.  What is the difference between Nazi Germany against European Jews and majority of White America against Black Americans?  How do you differentiate Saddamís treatment of the Kurds and majority of White Americaís treatment of Blacks to this day?   We can go to Iraq and kill Saddam for his treatment against the Kurds, but we canít kill racism and hate in America with the same power of the law that executed Nazi war criminals on German soil for their crimes against humanity.   

This is a shame that must be changed and dealt with.  This is because it is beginning to look like a culture that White America enjoys.  The Devilís culture is becoming a culture of power against the peace and progress of humanity.  If the American courts canít stop this, then we have no moral right to be on any foreign shore advocating for democracy, justice, and peace.  After all, the land of freedom and peace appears to be the land of hate, unfairness, and a celebrator of the Devilís culture

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