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Black Literature: Their Eyes Were Watching God
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
February 24, 2010



In the movie, “Their eyes were watching God”, which was based on Zora Neale Hurston’s novel, it showed the problem with the Black family in America.  The main character was played by Halle Berry, who had a relationship with three men.

The first was an old husband who had 60 acres of land, but needed a helper who will inherit all that he had after death.  The second husband was an ambitious Mayor who built a city, but was portrayed as an arrogant man who needed a trophy wife.  The last man was an irresponsible drunkard and gambler, who knew how to have fun but would never build a home.  At the end, it was clear that Halle Berry preferred the temporary fun of irresponsibility over the long term of building a home.  She preferred a man who put her life at risk in a hurricane because of missing two days of work than those who gave her land and a city.

In the name of Black History Month, I would like to encourage Black women to put the love of a stable family before their pride of independence and career.  The family is still the basic unit of any civilized society on which progress is built upon.  We have to be careful with what we show our children to watch and read.  Black America is sinking because of fatherless homes based on how our women choose their partners rather than why the man is unavailable.  

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