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Fidel Castro: A Mad Man or Servant of Humanity?
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
Feb 2008


  As an American, we have been taught to hate Fidel and condemn his government in Cuba, but to the oppressed peoples of the world, an enemy of White domination could be an agent against slavery and discrimination.  Since Fidel has being in office, he fought for the pride of Cuba just like any patriotic American would do for the USA.  Do you know than any Black citizen of the world who qualifies could go to Cuba for education for free?  Did you know that Fidel chased out racism, gave Black Cubans a chance, and demolished the master-slave relationship in Cuba?  Fidel also allowed foreign businesses, but would not let then take money out of Cuba Ė patriotism for a fatherland? Fidel also fought for the Independence of many African States and encouraged Caribbean unity?  Can we accomplish this in the USA through Obama and the Democratic Party?

If this is so, then America, a nation of freedom and justice, should celebrate Fidel and be best of friends.  Why does America hate Fidel so much?  Fidel is the "John the Baptist" of the modern era.  He called for a new way to free Godís people and provide hope to Godís creation.  White Cubans hate Fidel because he took away their master lifestyle and domination over Black Cubans, and instead united the nation.  White Companies hate Fidel because he would not let them exploit the Cuban economy and use any of his citizens as cheap laborers like the puppet African nations do.  The truth of God is slow, but always stands the test of time.  Fidel, you have stood the test of time and you have shown all of Godís Children that the noblest thing any man can accomplish on earth is to bring dignity, honor, respect, and fairness to his people.


  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land
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