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The moon was full again, after about a month of serious rain in the evergreen rain forest. The youngsters always looked forward to the new moon because it was a special time to socialize with friends at an elder's house, to listen to stories that taught wisdom, common sense and morals.

The venue for to night's event was at Efe, the snail's house, which was at the middle of the kingdom. Youngsters came from around to hear what the aged Efe had to say. Believe it or not, other elders and parents were often there to emphasize important points the little ones needed to mature. It was not pass the time it took one to blink, Efe's house was filled like a thousand ants on a loaf of old bread. Then, Efe took his place on his host chair, and as he glanced at the multitude in his presence, he greeted "My friends, I greet you all. Parents and children, I salute and I welcome you all." and they all responded " Thank you and we greet you too." After everything had quieted down, Efe broke the one minute and a half silence as he began the main entertainment of the day.

" It was not too long ago, probably about the time most of your grandparents were in their early teens, there lived two Kings and one crown. One of them was a king for real because he had the crown and the other was called king because to his social class, he was an inventor. The king was Edugie, the lion. He was a famous, rich and powerful lion, who could buy the entire world with the cost of his breakfast. The clothes he wore when put in fire would not burn. His palace was half the kingdom and we heard that it was three times as big under the ground. It was because of this god forsaken basta...., please forgive my language. My children, as I was saying, it was because of this lion that some animals gave up the kingdom's god and began to worship him. When ever he stumbles, every one would leave what they have been doing and run to hold him from falling and the lion too will act as if he is out of control. Now, on the other hand was Usi the goat. Apart from the leaves he put together to call his house, He had less than nothing. Any time he had enough to eat or called a meal, he ate so much to last him two weeks, then he then runs home and sit in one spot not to quicken the digestion. My father told me that he only saw Usi wear one dress in his lifetime and that the dress was so long, he was not sure if he ever had any underwear on.  He also told me that Usi's house was so large that if you were to lie down at one end of his house and row over, you would have passed the other end by a distance three times the size of the house. Even in the place of worship, when ever Usi came, they quickly dragged him outside because they where ashamed that his poverty might turn their god away. When ever he stumbles, People quickly push him down, then those without foot mat and handkerchief would quickly come and use his only dress for what ever purpose they desired."

"One day all the rich, wealthy and famous came together and Edo the leopard with his kind heart suggested that they do something or maybe start a program to help the poor ones out of their miserable standard of living. He also suggested that good roads, food and adequate water supply should be provided in poor areas. As he said this Edugie gave an arrogant loud laugh and said "I will not believe anyone is poor in this mighty kingdom until I see someone feeding from the trash can and moreover if anyone is poor, he is poor because he was meant to die poor." At this, a lot of people applauded and decided not to give one-eight of a penny, but few gave and it reached the poor. It was because of Edo's idea that more than half the kingdom was angry with him, especially Edugie and Usi. Edugie was angry with Edo and his idea because the richest in the land was king and if he should give a little to the poor, then Ike the tiger or Oka the elephant might become the richest and have the crown. So maybe that jealous Edo was trying to dethrone him cleverly. Now, although Usi was poor and mocked by the upper class, a lot of the poor gave him maximum respect. In fact, he was called king because he was very creative and was the master inventor of his time. It was because he was poor that he would turn what others call useless and have thrown away into something cheap and very useful and it was as effective as those with golden handles for the wealthy. So when Edo's money got to him, he angrily refused to take it because he thought that Edo -one of the upper class- was trying to give him a piece of cake to make him feel rich. So that he would not be as creative as he should be."

"Life went on, The rich got richer and did everything they could to get richer and of course the poor were very rich, since they had everything the greedy rich ones left behind, which was approximately one-nineteenth of nothing. It was not too long, Edugie died. At his funeral, A lot of the upper class came in their two million dollar suits. It was clear that they were competing for the most well dressed Individual, Some of them, just bought their most expensive cars the previous night to the funeral. Even the cow that eats grass had golden canines (special teeth for cutting flesh). Edugie's casket was golden and was carried around the kingdom -all by itself in a golden plane that sits a thousand passengers -before coming to the funeral site. When the funeral service was over, The same people who were his friends that attended the funeral, those who worshiped him and those who ran to hold him whenever he stumbles said amongst themselves and in their hearts " Now that the old fool is dead, who will arise to be king and how are we going to steal some of his wealth before someone get to it before us"?


"Two weeks later, Usi also passed away. At his funeral a lot of poor individuals came to see their king buried. Some of them came with signs like " Poverty is the father of invention", "King of Poverty" and "May you own a dime of you own in the next life". This they did not to mock him but it was out of genuine love and blessing for their fellow animal of poverty. Each of them wore their most expensive piece of cloth round their waist as they carried his body to be buried. As they got to the site to lay his body, they stopped to put their resources together and buy land to lay their friend in. After they put their resources together, they found out that their money was only enough to buy land to put only his nose in. So they decided to carry him else where for cheaper rate. At this, the tortoise and other grumbled that he was too heavy and that his head (tortoise) is now finding it difficult to come out of the shell due to his weight. Instead of carrying him else where, they gave him to the wolves for supper after a general consensus. So the wolves prayed for them all and took him (usi's body) home to spent the night with them on their dinning table." "My beloved children, There are three lessons to be learned from my tale. First, It is very good to help people when you can but you have to be prepared for the shock, that those you are trying very hard to help might not appreciate it and that in trying to help, you may be taking away from others. This will end up turning against you as in the case of Edugie and Usi with Edo.    

Secondly, Whatever you do, do it very well because you believe in it and not to please others and displease yourself . Believe it or not, they might hail you in your presence but only God knows what they really think of you as in the case of Edugie after his burial. Lastly, Nobody knows his or her friend. We are born and we socialize but who really cares about you, apart from your immediate family. As in the case of Usi being feed to the wolves by his so called friends for dinner." After he finished his story, everyone present thanked him and he thanked them back and sent them home with greetings, blessings and well wishes for their loved ones.