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The Necessity of Haiti Towards American Principles
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
February 2, 2010



Haiti is a nation that was not only founded on the conquest for freedom, but also contributed towards the creation of the fifty states that makes up the United States today.  It was the successful slave rebellion of Haiti that made the French flee and sell a large portion of their land to America in 1803.  This land is known as the Louisiana Purchase and it runs through the middle of America from north to south.  It also makes up to about a 25% of America and covers 13 states. 

Many American historians teach about the Louisiana Purchase without mentioning Haiti.  Despite the fact that Haiti is a democracy in the western hemisphere that was founded on freedom, White American led governments had chosen to ignore it and punish it for its successful slave rebellion for almost two centuries until this current earthquake hit Haiti.  In fact, we learn more about communist Cuba in America than the democracy, freedom, and contribution of Haiti to America.   

As a proud American of African descent, I would like to thank Haiti for fighting against slavery and winning their freedom.  This was necessary to make America a complete and free nation in the new world.  It brought about true democracy and the American quest to promote freedom in distant lands.  Until now, America had never given back to Haiti, but thanks for teaching us that a successful fight for freedom is as noble as the peace of God.  May Haiti forever have peace!!!


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