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Illegal Immigrants and American Rights
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
Sept 2007


There are some cultures in the ancient world that believe that it is appropriate to take good care of their guest temporarily than to care appropriately for their children daily.  Even if the children only eat once a day, they guest must get three meals.  While the children are mistreated, their father and uncles get to eat as much as they want.  It shows the guest that they are well off, even if they are living in abject poverty.  America, and its citizens, has become a country where immigrants and foreigner are of more importance than some of their citizens.  In its modernity, social enlightenment, and legal advancement, America seems not to have moved an inch from the ancient mentality it tries to differentiate itself from.  It seems that we have not fully understood the true meaning of the “New World” and are still wallowing in the mud of oppression and caste systems.   

Some states in America are already debating what to do about illegal immigrants.  Some are deciding to give illegal immigrant driving license and rights to vote.  This is a great accomplishment for a nation that requested for the tired, the poor, and huddled masses that yearn for freedom.  While we are making life more comfortable for the illegal, what about the aliens that help to build America for free, have been legalized, and have being here for hundred of years.  Black Americans were brought here as free laborers and have served their dues, but they are still legally under bondage.  The way the American laws were written from as far back as the 1700s allow Blacks to be targeted easily by our legal system.  These American laws allow Blacks to be incarcerated easily while other Americans get a slap on the wrist.  There are a lot of Black old men and women who have served their jail and prison terms, but are still not allowed to vote or get their drivers license.  Any civilized nation or persons will like to assume that after a person has served the term for the crime, freedom should become a must, but not so for Blacks in America.  Even if other races are also affected by this, it is nothing compared to the percentage of the Black population that is affected. They are held in bondage till they die.  This leads to the inability for many Blacks to apply for good paying jobs, to drive to better paying opportunities, to go to college and get a degree that will be of no use, and to eliminate fatherless homes. 


Why have America, the Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarian, chosen to keep Black Americans as economic laborers while illegal immigrants are about to have rights as good as that of other American citizens?  I know capitalism is based on a cheap labor force, but must they be Black Americans?  Why not on intellectual, social, and economic equality and competence?  All Americans regardless of race, creed, gender, and religion must speak out against this current evil of putting the illegal over their citizen just because they are the so called “wrong skin color”.  President Bush and the Republicans are talking about building more prisons, what about more jobs and better schools in Black neighborhoods?  Incarcerating Black fathers and sons to be in the prison system in order for them to lose their basic civil rights and become economically delinquent should be considered un-American.   Black Americans are a people who are the last to get a descent job offer with good pay, but are the first to get laid-off or fired from a job for the same reasons others take for granted.  The Civil Rights and Affirmative Action never gave Blacks economic or political relevance, it only pacified them with a feeling of opportunity.   

Every enterprising American knows that it takes money to make money - capital.  Despite the fact that we have many Black Millionaires, Blacks still own the same one-half percent of American wealth for the last 150 years.  This means that majority of them got poorer since the Civil Rights.  What America can do for their legally oppressed citizens is to put American money into the Black neighborhoods to better their education and provide high paying job creation.  This investment, for their years of free labor and legal mistreatment, will not only improve their family values and marriage, but will truly give them the American freedom other races have being enjoying under the law and the freedom the illegal immigrants are about to acquire.   This will also allow all Americans to be self-sufficient and compete equally, instead of having a subservient group that relies on government because of their God given skin color.   

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