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James Watson and Black African DNA
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
Dec 2007


  One would expect that a scientist that pioneered the development of DNA should have known that humanity is equal and that we are all Africans of different colors.  A White researcher in South Africa once proved about 5 years ago that all humans have genes that can be traced back to African gene pool.  You would have thought that a Nobel winner in science should be intelligent enough to have known that his DNA study and the gene pool study of his colleague shows that African is not just a sacred place in the eyes of God and life,  but also a place by which anything human begins and will end.

Is a son mightier than the father?  Is life better than dust?  You can never condemn what you came out of because you will eventually return to it.  Everything man makes is from the dust, including himself, and any human that looks down upon Africa curses himself.  We are all Africans of different pigments levels depending on how far we have migrated from the sun and equator and the period of time.  James Watson placed a curse on himself.  He said his origin was inferior and Godís foundation of creation was stupid.  The arrogance of many non-Africans has failed to realize that God is patient and slow to anger.  They fail to understand in the foolishness of their physical wisdom that you cannot taunt God forever because of his humility and simplicity.  Just because a son goes back to his fatherís house to destroy, colonize, enslave, exterminate, exploit and put puppet governments in place does not mean that he is still not his fatherís offspring.  Just because you step on dust does not mean that you are superior or you conquered it.  No matter how far you run and travel into space, at the end you still submit to dust Ė your origin.


Superior James Watson just realized that he is 16% African and I am sure that every non-African has a similar reality if not more.  The curse he placed on himself and God for creating him from African dust (Garden of Eden in Cush (Ethiopia)) has not only taken his job away from him, and discredited his accomplishments, but it has also ridiculed the other 84% of him as a stupid individual.  How can a Nobel winner for DNA not know that he is a byproduct of an African?  Does a PhD in math not know the addition sign?  Did American not say that that one drop or 0.1% of Black blood in an individual is Black?  The world must learn from this.  God has decided to act and everything that has gone forth is returning to its maker.  Africa appears to be cursed because we have taken everything out of it and given almost nothing in return but neglect.  James Watson is the mark that begins to return to God.  Man will have no peace until the house God built for us is standing like it should.  We will all fall like James Watson until we repent and return to God in mind, attitude, humility, and fairness.  Africa welcomes the pure in heart and those that love Godís purpose.  You are welcome to Africa.

  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land
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