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Christmas & Kwanzaa: Christian Analysis of Both Holidays
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu



When I first got exposed to Kwanzaa in 1992, I opposed it with a passion just the same way Apostle Paul opposed Christians before he became a convert.  I thought it was an insult for someone to create a holiday celebration in the 1960s that was around the same time as Christmas.  As a Christian, I was upset with the fact that many African peoples saw it as an alternative to Christmas. 


Well, I am much older now and I know that Christmas was supposed to remind us of the birth of Jesus and his teachings, but it is very clear that Christmas is now very far from that.  Christmas has become a time of shopping, making profits, pretending to be friendly and nice, vacationing, and remembering the poor to receive donations.  Not many of them, if they believe in Jesus at all, read the Bible, try to understand it, or even apply it genuinely.  Church is still one of the most segregated institutions in America. Christians usually do not stand for the less privilege like Jesus did and expects the Christians to do.


Kwanzaa on the other hand to me represents Jesus more than Christmas.  It is not a religious holiday, but it talks about unity, social responsibility, faith and believe in ones abilities to do good, community development, sharing of simple foods for symbolism, and genuine love towards a new year.  




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