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Difference between Life and Death
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu



Does life end just before death or it begins after death?  Is death the end of life or the beginning of it?  Is existence a physical or a spiritual reality?  If it is spiritual, then why are we on earth?  Are we on earth to find out if we are qualified to live or we are on it just to live and die?

I feel that life begins after death and that it is a spiritual reality.  We are born into this world to see who we really are and to see if we are qualified to live.  Death to me is the beginning of life.  If earth was a college then death is graduation into the real world.  How you perform in the real world is how well you have learned, applied yourself, and planned through college and beyond. 

Death is a reality for most of us if not all, but those that will live life after death are those that have successful accomplished their purpose on earth.  Our purpose here is to be happy and healthy.  This is done by using our talents to enhance the lives of others and building our communities while opposing laws and ways that intentionally hinders or oppresses others.



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