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Michael Vicks: Dogs and Blacks
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
Dec 2007


  It seems that in America, the life of a dog is of more value than the life of a Black American tax payer and worker.  What Michael Vicks did was wrong by drowning and electrocuting dogs, and also training them to be violent and kill other dogs, but is that more severe than hunting animals for fun? 

Black children all over America are being brutalized and profiled by the police and the legal system does not care because it improves the prison and court economy, and eventually provides a cheap labor force for many capitalistic corporations.  In fact, Black adult professionals, including professors and sheriffs, are being harassed with nooses at their place of work and the legal systems turn a blind eye.  An innocent Black bachelor about to be married (New York) and an old Black woman living in her house (Atlanta) are shot by police, the justice systems says that the police officers were doing their job, but they never ask why the police does not use the say job tactics in White neighborhoods.  

But when dogs are killed, Black men go to jail for it and even lose their jobs too.  Could it be that Blacks truly have no rights in modern America or we are just a little less than dogs?  If dogs that do not speak have the masses fighting for them, then how come the American masses and politicians, which include the Christian right, cannot see the plights of Blacks in America?  Did Jesus not say only a fool loves God that he has never seen yet ignores or hates his fellow man?  Or, is the pet that is a dog, the fellow man in America and the Blacks are the animals that provide cheap labor? 


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