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Black Single Mothers
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu



Many young Black women of today think it is cool to be single.  This is fine with me.  What I have a problem with is intentional single motherhood.  Statistic shows that lots of our single mothers rely on the government to raise and train their children and at the end of it all they say that they are strong Black women. 


I really do not mind what they say or who they rely on, but a closer look shows that many are living below poverty levels, their children are dropping out of school, their sons are in jail, and their environment is filled with drugs and crime.  Instead of placing the blame on irresponsible Black men who refuse to raise their children, donít you think that many of these women need to be more responsible in how they pick who they sleep with?


Wait a minute! Or could it be that the women choose these kinds of men as a way to live the cool, strong, and independent single life with children, but unfortunately underestimated the consequences?


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