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How Obama Can Prevent his Assassination Strategically
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
March 2010



We have read about how members of the Republican Party, their Tea Party, and their White hate organizations have been spitting on American congressmen, sending them death threats, and calling them “baby killers”.  We have reports of them cleaning their guns, saying to the American President publicly “You Lie”, and now organizing to kill police and assassinate President Obama.  

President Obama and all lovers of America must understand that White Republican wealth was not just built on Black slavery, but also on the lynching and physical intimidation of Blacks under the American law regardless of status.  Legally in many states, Blacks have no laws to defend themselves against Whites and Police, especially if they cannot afford legal representation.  Black President Obama will be assassinated legally unless the President, the Attorney General, along with the American people pass a bill to immediately redefine the war on terror to include KKK and hate groups, persecute all surviving civil right murderers, and give Blacks reparation for slavery. 

No nation is fully healed without full justice to cover the wounds.  Until laws are passed to effectively punish evil, we cannot deter evil.  If others surviving murders are free as heroes, why not kill the Black President and his children?  If the children of slaves are still lagging economically due to racism, why give them affordable health care?  Until Blacks have old slave laws removed and have reparation capital to compete economically, all Obamas have no right to legally be alive in America.


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