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  Up to him came Some of his forever partners
Who tried very hard to be like him,
But they could not be like him
Because they can never be like him.

So they said unto him -
"What are you?
Don't you think life
Would have been better without you?
We know you are inferior to us."

And he said unto them - A mad man never agrees
That he is sick and need help.
Why not go ask the sun why it shines
Or the sky, why it is blue?
For God made me what I am And shall always be - A MAN.
You got a problem with me, then
You got a problem with the Creator.
So, please don't ask or tell me nonsense.

Everyone has been disappointed,
Made mistakes and has faults.
So I just can't understand
Why you try to wipe my only eye
When you got no finger.

I just simply refuse
And I humbly repeat,
I just simple refuse
To compromise anything
With my Creator and my creation.


The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land
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