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Mother showed me how to pray
On my knees there I should stay
Call upon the One most high
Give Him praise and bring Him nigh
Like an arrow through my heart His holy words eternal

Mother showed me how to pray
Keep the angry gods at bay
With offerings the gods appease
That my convulsions shall cease
Like a drumbeat grips my soul Her pulsing dance is carnal

Mother taught me all the words
Now I stand between two lords
One is all, omnipotent
Some are earthen and potent
Like every Pisces's spirit quest my confusion is banal

Here's another of my poems titled "Weltanschauung" (It's German for  "World View", I speak German, French and Japanese and it sometimes gets into my art works)

(c) Amelia Akpotu, 2005


The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land
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