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Before I was born,
I asked three angels
What the sun symbolized.
The optimistic one replied-
"The sun is life, for
Every living thing below it
Depends on it to survive."
The arrogant one replied-
"The sun is a god, for
It separates light from darkness
And blesses those under it's rays."
Then the pessimistic one said-
"The sun is a tip of a huge cage
Everyone under it is trapped.
And nothing under it makes sense."
Then I left to be to be born
To see what the sun was for myself.

Soon, I was born under the sun.
When I still drank milk from mother's breast,
I noticed the sun was truly life, for
It helped supplied what I needed to live
And under it's rays, my father blessed me.
But when I began to eat solid food
I realized that we were all trapped under the sun.
A man learns, yet he knows nothing
When he dies, Mr. Nobody takes his wealth.
When he tells the truth, he is hated.
A wise man knows not everything, but a fool
Knows a thing the wise man knows not.

The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land
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Under the sun, death took my great grand mother.
My cousin was aborted and my uncle was killed.
An aunt of mine was raped,
But the sun stood there and laughed.
I ran, but could not get away from it.
Well, I have no regrets because
One day my savior will take me to himself.
Since the sun has learnt to keep me alive to mock me
I have to learn to love the sun and lean on my savior - Jesus Christ.
For he is above the sun and all under it.
He is the ultimate authority.