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Oh! Please do not look for me.
I am asleep.
I am a good for nothing closed minded Idiot.
Come, Tell me I have not been born.
I will believe.
Say the Pyramids of Egypt were built by space creatures,
Of course you are right.
Come say, Christ was English or Zambian.
I will accept.
Or hey, there is no God, the creator of heaven and earth.
Praise the Lord for you.
Tell me Astronauts say, life began in Peru.
What knowledge on earth.
Come, say the magnificent Edo FESTAC mask of Nigeria
Is now for the British. How excellent the truth is.
Or Dentist say, that Mt. Sinai is in Greece.
Look, I Totally believe.

Oh wisest of all generations,
Any philosophy or wise saying of this age
I will believe
But, please wait; I almost forgot.
Any alphabet of a word Contrary
To the Holy scriptures of God, through Christ
I will be pleased to reject.
Because it is like telling me,
That Africa is the least of all civilizations.
Or Columbus discovered America.

I am just a closed minded Idiot.

  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land
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Advertise here for
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So come find me and try again,
I might believe That my cell originated from a Bacterium
Or I was once an Ape.
Please! I am tired.
Away with you all And your endless confusions.