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Is Zimbabwe a Threat to Africa?  

  Well written Pawell.  Zimbabwe is not a "threat" to
Africa.  Zimbabwe is a '"threat" to the "Africa" as
conceived by the global powers:  that of a marginal
continent, racked by disease and hunger, and producing
only raw materials for export.

"What ails Africa is a lack of patriotism and a
tendency by her educated elites to free-ride on the
backs of imperialists......"  This era has to end.
African intellectuals and educated elites must be
Africa focused if Africa is to be "free" again.  At
present most of them are just buttressing the present
system that keeps Africa down and our.

What if other "Zimbabwes" happen in other parts of the
world.  In today's zero-sum global construct, what
will happen to today's "master-slave" paradigm, where
the majority slave for the benefit of a few.  If the
"slaves' start demanding a greater piece of the pie
will the "masters' still be able to dominate them?
I think that is the "threat" that Zimbabwe offers to
the whole world.
James Chikonamombe


You are right.
And we should not give in to some lackeys. There comes a time when the fight must begin.
We still have got the continent. It took Mao to turn curved-up China and the Chinese into a nation to reckon with within a time space of roughly 84 years; and have guaranteed Chinese place and future in the world no matter how anyone power may want to play the game.  Imperial world understands the language of mutual assured destructions; nothing less. A people with that capability are a people that can be listen to.
  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land
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Before Africans end up like the American Indians, we better wake the hell up. Time is running out for a black man! I can assure you that.
Much love for Bob, and long live him.