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Nonsense of Sin and Grace
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu


If we are all born sinners, how come only the followers of Jesus are saved?  So, just believing in Jesus can make you better than everyone else?  If this is true, what sense does this make?


Sin is anything or everything you do that does not add value to your life in anyway or is affecting you and anybody else negatively.  So it does not matter how much you believe in Jesus, you will always sin.  Sin is not just adultery, rape, homosexuality, murder, disobedience, or theft; it is also poor planning for your childrenís future, bad decisions, lack of leaving inheritance and investments, ignorance, laziness, procrastination, and close-mindedness, just to mention a few. 




If this is the case, how does the name of Jesus free anyone from these almost unavoidable issues?  The free gift given to those who believe in Godís word and existence is called grace.  The faith to believe is rewarded by grace.  When you receive grace that comes from your faith, the Holy Spirit enters you and begins to control all that you do, say, and think.  It guides and protects your from doing things that are unproductive to you and your environment.  It also helps to correct you when you err.  When you have grace, you are under forgiveness and not perfection.  This is the forgiveness for reduced human errors which has no room for racial or religious bigotry. 


  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land
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