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The Profits of Legalized Racism for White America: Statue of Liberty and Judge Janet King
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
Sept 2007


The inscription along with the Statue of Liberty does say, ďGive me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free ÖĒ but only a few Americans genuinely understand what this truly means from a capitalistic perspective.  Some historians have said that the French actually sent it to the United States as a gift of ridicule against slavery and the treatment of Blacks, but was received by Americans as a genuine statement of American Freedom for Whites.  The sole creation of the concept of capitalism is to maximize profit at any cost, and the best way for any enterprise to maximize profit is to maximize production and sales through free or cheap labor.  When you have workers that have no right to demand salary or workers benefit and compensation, then the sky is the limit for the entrepreneur and his descendants.  American was built on the capitalistic slave labor of the Blacks, as well as future immigrants seeking the freedom inscribed with the Statue of Liberty.  To make this system of profits and freedom an effective system, it had to be supported by the law of the land.  A law stating that a particular group of people (Blacks) have no right whatsoever to defend themselves, own property, and had to be sold.  The purpose of this is to make that group totally dependent on another for survival or sustenance.  This is also the purpose of segregation, apartheid, and slavery. 


Slavery may have ended physically for Blacks, but it still continues mentally and socially because of the weakness of the American laws, its federal government, and its citizens who have Godís morality.  The old laws that clearly states that Blacks have no rights that Whites must respect and a whole lot of others have never being removed, re-written, or abolished from being referenced, so this gives the police and other private citizen some level of power over Blacks in their everyday life.  The frustration from powerlessness leads to reactions from many Blacks that leads to quick imprisonment, loss of driverís license and other basic rights, and attaining criminal records even at young ages.  Due to this situation that is usually multiplied by police brutality and racial profiling, many Blacks cannot secure good paying jobs, live in descent neighborhoods,  send their children to better schools, drive to better paying locations, or even afford a descent attorney when they need one.  This still creates a slave class of free or cheap labor without chains for the White capitalist who need this system to maximize their profits.   It appears in America that a child of an illegal non-black immigrant has more rights than a Black American that has being here for four generations, votes, and pay taxes based on how the American laws were written.  It is a joke in Black America that a poor White will never trade places with a rich Black.  This does not only show how good it is to be White under American law, but it also shows that a man without rights might not keep that money for long.   

To prove that Blacks really have no rights in America under federal civil laws, there is a case being litigated in Atlanta, Georgia, but it is being blocked by the Magistrate Judge King from entering the court room for trial.  The case is about a Black American middle school teacher who is working in a private school that is majority White.  Within his first contract with the school that ended his teaching in May, he got two far-above average reviews in the fall and spring, and was offered a second contract with a maximum raise in February, which he accepted in March.  In mid-April, one of the 10 year old students said he was the only rat in middle school.  He reported the issue to the school as a racist incident and the school retaliated by firing him without cause by the end of April.   He went to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and he was allowed to sue the school.  He got an attorney from the EEOC list of lawyers and their filed a retaliation case against the school.  The school depended on the American legal system during his deposition to discredit the Black teacher through criminal records, immigration issues, past employment problems, and even girl friend issues.  They were so frustrated that a Black man could be so clean or the American capitalist labor system was failing.  At their deposition, they brought up all kind of lies against the teacher and some petty complains made by parents before his second review and second contract.  This was a done deal for trial because they could not explain why a teacher accepts a contract by March with maximum raise and is fired in April.  What must have happened between March and April?   

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When the legal summary got to Judge King, one of the most conservative Judges I believe was appointed by former President Roland Reagan, she ignored his case of retaliation and pretended that it was a racial case.  She claimed that since the teacher like working there and no staff insulted him racially, there was no ground for racism.  She also claimed that since the teacher only had a provisional teaching certificate and was not an education major graduate, he was not really qualified to teach.  She also took the petty reports made by parents as serious issues of incompetence, despite the fact that the school gave him a second contract and the highest possible raise a month before he was fired.  The case was never against racism but against the schoolís retaliation for reporting racism.  Did the Judge even read the teacherís summary or a conservative Judge only conserves employers and businesses?  Judge King even went as far as threatening that she might rule that the teacher pays the school for their attorney fees, which might run close of $100,000, and challenged the EEOC recommended attorney for taking the case.  The attorney did not only admit that he had never seen anything like this is thirteen professional years of practicing law, but advised the teacher to drop the case than have his house and wages garnished.  This is what capitalism and the weakness of the American law is all about for Blacks.  I only wonder if the Statue of Liberty has any response.