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Is Golf Icon Tiger Woods a Coward? - Barack Obama of the United States of America (USA)
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
Jan 2008


I remember vividly when Tiger won his fist golf tournament.  Despite the fact that a lot of African Americans that I knew did not care about golf at the time, they left everything they were doing to see history in the making.  They did this not just to support Tiger, but also to reserve a memorial for their childrenís upbringing.   Too often, the media and textbooks helps to remind Blacks that they are actually low and insignificant, but every other moment, someone steps up to the plate to remind us that we are actually as good as everyone else, if not better.  This is what Tiger meant for a brief moment until he said that he was not Black in a nation that has a law which says that one drop or 0.1% of Black blood in an individual makes him Black.  Tiger is 50% Black, but says he is Cablasian.

This must be a very smart move by Tiger to follow the unwritten success book many Blacks, like The Rock and Clarence Thomas, follow to be successful in the United States of America (USA).  In the United States, it is considered socially dangerous or evil to associate with Blacks and be successful.  If you are too Black or even an African and want to be successful, try hard to be an "Uncle Tom".  This is someone Black who pretends and does anything possible not to identify with Black heritage, history, and culture.  Also, it is a gradual process of discrediting and belittling anything Black publicly in order to be more acceptable to the lighter peoples who control the economy.  This is why many Blacks who have a non-Black parent are secretly very happy that God has given them a way out of their original curse.  This is one reason why I love Barack Obama.  May God bless his being and campaign.  He actually went to Kenya publicly to see his dead fatherís family while running for the office of the President of the United States. How awesome and courageous.

A lot of Blacks still hold on to Tiger for the sake of motivating their children, but only half heartedly.  He has disappointed us too many times.  Too often, God gives us an opportunity through an individual to reverse our situation of political and economic oppressions, but they are always afraid to live up to expectation for the sake of money and fame.  They are afraid to act or speak to make life better for their community and descendants because of fears of losing their lighter economically advantaged supporters.   They forget that good name and respect is always superior to riches in the long run. Then again, could it be that there is an unknown system that only gives opportunity to those of us with low mentality and consciousness even in Africa?

The other day, a Golf announcer, Kelly Tilghman, asked people to lynch Tiger in the alley and Tiger did not say a word.  He was fine with it.  What an agent of multiculturalism!  Multiculturalism is not just embracing all, but also standing for the respect of all. After what Blacks have gone through with lynchings and nooses, Tiger turns the other cheek to save his paycheck and fame. How do you let money be the reason why you allow someone to insult your father and not demand an apology?  The statement was made because of the dead Black father in him even if he thinks he is Cablasian.  If he was truly Cablasian, he will not be synonymous with lynching, but Kelly saw him as Black and enjoyed the moment of reminding him of that fact.   I do not blame Tiger; I blame the father that raised him.  Tiger was probably taught like many Black Immigrants and African American "Uncle Toms" who want to live the American dream by all means never to offend the lighter races and stay away from Blacks.  Just like Justice Clarence Thomas who said on Hannity and Colmes, while talking about his new book, that the KKK never attacked, hindered, or offended him, but rather the Black people in his neighborhood.  

Tiger, we all are happy for you, but you have failed us woefully.  May God deal kindly with your children.  We will look forward to another that will unify the nationís races as equals through words and deeds in a manner that is legally, socially, and culturally acceptable.  Good luck.

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