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Veterans for McCain: Bondage of America
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
September 2, 2009


As I was going home today around 6:00PM in Kennesaw, Georgia, I saw a light brown Envoy GMC with a Florida license plate.  It had a sticker at the top left corner of the rear window that read “Veterans for McCain – We will keep our guns, freedom, and money… You keep the change”.   

After eight years of national hell brought upon this great nation by Bush, McCain, and their party, we still have veterans, who are suppose to be the old and retired defenders of our great nation, affiliating themselves with the worst period of American history since the great depression.  This is clearly a grave contradiction in character and principle.  How does a group that fights for the happiness, peace, and freedom of its people also be the supporters of another than clearly brought hopelessness and misery to their nation? 


They always talk about their right to guns, but forgot to use it when President Bush stole the American election twice.  They always mention freedom, but it appears to be creating enemies based on falsehood in order to get contracts to make bombs.  What money are they talking about?  Is it the old money they made from the forced servitude of others or the one their executives stole from banks that will trickle down to them against the will of the workers and the people?  Regardless of what they think, America will fulfill its destiny in this generation with or without them.


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