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Voter Suppression: A Strategy to Fuel Racism
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
June 19, 2020

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What are the incarceration rates in America?

According to Time.com, 4.5 million Americans are on parole supervision and 2 million are in prison. NAACP.org states that those incarcerated have a 50% chance of being unemployed, 4 times the chance of getting infectious disease, and spending on prisons has increased by 3 times the spending on grade schools. The SentencingProject.org states that blacks make up 13% of American population, but 38% of the prison population and according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 37% of the male prison population are blacks. Why is the black prison percentage three times and black male prison percentage six times their population percentage?  

Why does America like to arrest black males?

Many prisoners lose their voter or voting right even after release, lose their driverís license, and linger in a state of unemployment as well as poverty. When people worry about food, work, health, poverty, and inability to vote, electing progressive leaders that can make better policies for their betterment becomes hopeless. For racism to remain a culture and a lifestyle that keeps blacks away from competing for access to resources, the justice system is essential in criminalizing blacks through police harassment to justify arrests and judges to give longer sentences. According to ABC News, black men serve 19.1% longer prison sentences than white males.

What are some strategies of voter suppression?

In June 2020 election in Georgia, voters in black districts had 6-8 hours wait time because of few voting machines and some of them were not functioning. In the Georgia Governorís election in 2018, Stacey Abrams, who was the democratic and black candidate, lost to Brian Kemp by a narrow margin because some black voting centers were closed and many of their voter registration were rejected for very minor errors close to voting day. Now for the 2020 Presidential election, Stacey Abrams did not make the final 5 Vice-Presidential pick for democratic candidate Joe Biden because she does not have enough experience.  

How do we stop voter suppression in America?

Until voting day becomes a public holiday so that those with low income can participate and federal laws are passed against voter suppression, it will be impossible to end racism successfully because it will be difficult to prevent racist policy makers from getting elected.