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Who we be?

We are whoe we be!
BLACK explains our identity
The middle passage begins our Black experience,
Because that's when we lost our African sense.
Our culture was annialated by an open enemy.
Knowledge of self was erased along our journey.
In North America most Black women and men,
Are more distinctly defined as "BLACK-AFRICAN"!
We're resilient and excel in endeavors we desire.
Collectively we must set our minds to grow higher.
Deep understandings must be reached.
Religious bigotry has to cease.
It's imperative to teach of our African origin.
So that we can become conscious of our beginin'.
We are Black AND African, this must be taught.
We were African when we were captured, sold and bought.
Accept our own Black people and we will see,
That unarguably "BLACK-AFRICAN" is Who We Be!!!


The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land
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By: Sharon Bingham