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Why America Must Elect Obama
By: Ehimwenma E. Aimiuwu
April 18, 2008


America is fast becoming a third world nation.  It has become evident that its citizens can no longer find work, prices of things are skyrocketing, our resources are going to Iraq at no benefit to the average American, our dollar is losing its value, and many of the goods are services we buy in our stores are made outside the country.  The powerful Republicans in this country, such as the Bushes, Cheney, and McCain believe in a “New World Order”.  This means allowing a powerful few to control all the resources of the world and forcing the nations of the world to become mere consumers of their policies.  They succeed in doing this by eliminating the middle class and making the poor totally dependant on the powerful rich whose allegiance is to the “order” (their pockets) and not Americans.  People like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity are the public mouth piece of this “order”.  They pretend to love America and act like they are fair to all people, but in reality are pacifying their so called republican base to accept their “order” in the name of patriotism and hating non-capitalist nations.


The Democratic Party is the only way out of this hell for all Americans.  They are the ones that truly love American people with their economic and political policies.  We seriously need a change in direction.  We want our jobs back, we want our global respect back, and we want to be friends with all people no matter their religion or form of government.  They only kill Americans when we interfere with their lives in an attempt to make them follow the “order”, which they know is not good for them or the rest of the world, including American citizens.   Hillary will make a great candidate for President, but I want a total change for the American I love.  I want a president that will not play ball with the Republicans, who are the conscious or unconscious agents of the “order”.  If America is to be the beloved nation and envy of the world, we must always resist the Republicans.  With my American pride, I shout: Obama! Obama!! Obama!!!


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