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2022 Girl Names - Baby Girl Names 

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Name Short Meaning & Occasion

 Ivie   Precious, precious beads 
 Adesuwa  Ade In the center or midst of progress, prosperity
 Akugbe   Togetherness, unity, oneness
 Amenze  Amen River Water, always calm and brings order into a chaotic situation
iiEsohe   A free gift
iiEsomo   A gift of a child

God's gift
 Ifueko   Gentle, moderation, careful


 Isoken   Satisfaction
 Itohan   Mercy
 Iziegbe   Patience
iOmoyemwen iOmo I appreciate or admire a child
 Osarobo   God is the magician or a miracle worker
 Osasere   God is supreme
 Osayemwenre   God remembers me

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