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2022 Boy Names - Baby Boy Names 


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Name Short Meaning & Occasion

 Idemudia  Mudia Stability (I came standing - usually for sons who came out of the womb with their feet)
 Imudiase  Mudia Stability (I stood well)
 Osarumwense   God treated or treats me well
 Osayimwense  Yimwen God made or created me well
 Usiosefe  Usi, Efe Good name is superior to or better than riches/wealth
iEfosa iEfe God's wealth
iEhigiator iEhi The spirit allows us to live long or to last
 Erharuyi  Uyi Respect of a father, or your father is lifted high
 Idehen   I have fallen on solid or very secured foundation
 Jesuobo   Jesus is the magician or miracle worker
 Nosakhare  Nosa What God has said                 
iOmoragbon iOmo A child is life or continuity of life, existence or humanity


iOmoregbe iOmo A child is family, Children make up a family
iOmoruyi   Uyi A child lifted on high or respected
iOmozuwa  Zuwa A child chooses prosperity
 Osagiemwenagbon  Osagie God sent me into the world
 Osarenmwindamwen  Osarenmwinda God knows what I lack or fervently desire/seek
 Osaretin   God is my strength, or God is strength
 Osarodion   God is the senior or is supreme
 Osawe   Gods says or decides
 Osayomore   God remembers a child or children
 Osaze   God Chooses
 Osazuwa  Zuwa God chooses prosperity, progress
 Osemwengie   It is describable, like a title
 Uyiosa  Uyi Respect of God, or God be praised or lifted high

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