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2022 Unisex Baby Names - Boy Names & Girl Names

Name Short Meaning & Occasion

 Abieyuwa  Yuwa, Uwa Born into prosperity
 Amenaghawon  Amen The water you shall drink (Destiny)
iEdosa   The day of God


iEghosa iEghe God's time or Time of God
iEhimwenma iEhi My spirit or guardian angel is good
iEhiosu iEhi The spirit or angel protects or leads
iEhizogie iEhi, Zogie The spirit or angel installs titles or status
iEkinadoese iEki, Nadoese One who does good deeds
iEkiuwa iEki, Uwa The deed that brings or leads to prosperity
 Emwinghare  Ghare End of situations appear to be in doubt (have faith & be prepared)
 Ighayezomo  Ezomo I will still celebrate the birth of a child
 Imadeyunuagbon  Imade I did not enter the world by mistake (I have a purpose in life)


 Isiuwa  Uwa The center of prosperity
 Iyekoetin  Iyeke The back or support group is strength 
 Izoduwa  Oduwa I have chosen the path of prosperity
 Izogie   Laughter (Isaac), I choose laughter
 Nekpen   Gentle
 Oghogho   Joy
iOmosefe iOmo, Efe A child is greater than wealth
iOmosigho iOmo A child is of more value than money
 Osadebamwen  Deba God is with me (Emmanuel - God is with me/us)
 Osariemen   God gave to me
 Osasumwen  Sumwen God escorts me, God protects me, God is with me
 Osatohanmwen  Osato God has or had mercy on me
 Osayuware  Yuwa, Yuware God remembered or remembers us
 Otasowie  Ota, Owie There is always a new beginning for the better (evening to morning)

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