This page is dedicated to students that made a difference in the lives of others in areas such as academics, sports, and drama. Please send a paragraph of your most admirable students and reasons to

Ehiagbon Omiunu: 1992
I called him "Wolf Leg" because he was as hairy as the biblical Esau and was bow legged. He was an amazing defender in soccer and was full of speed. He was even admired by the senior boys as early as JSS 2, and had a unique way of clearing the ball acrobatically in the air with his legs stretched out. He was the Assistant Punctuality Prefect.


Nekpen Aimiuwu: 1994
She was an impressive athlete. She was not only one of the best in JSS, but represent her house at senior levels as a junior. She also made the 4 * 100 meters relay team for the school at senior level and represented her school at State level in the 100 meters, 200 meters, and the 4 * 100 meters relay while she was still a junior.


Donald Okon: 1992
This was the prettiest (handsome) boy of the time that was ever born. His hair, face, collar, uniform, shoes, and his toothpick (matches) were well taken care off, neat and fitted to make him look and feel cool. He was known for great speed on the tracks in his primary school day, but was now too cool to run. He was one of the great attackers and goal scorers of B Quarters. The team was never complete or secure without cooool Donald.


Osaodion Odiase: 1988
One of the most dangerous power-forward on the soccer field in his generation. He was very strong and could dribble very well. His crosses were exceptional and he had a powerful shot. A couple of times after his shots would hit the goal post, his fellow players would stop to see if the post might fall. He was Usman Dan Fodio House Captain.


Oro Awaritefe: 1992
He was academically inclined. He enjoyed being the best at his schoolwork. That was what made him proud. He was very good at badminton and he tried very hard to play other sports. He was the badminton captain and the Games Prefect. He was also one of the three students that went to university from SSS 2 instead of the usual SSS 3.


Okotie ??? (Urhobo Style): 1988
A wonderful defender to watch any day. He was as consistent and reliable as they come. He had a famous way to clearing the ball out in the air in a sitting position. Everyone fondly called it Urhobo style.


Imade Edokpayi: 1992
Apart from being a brilliant student, Imade was a very responsible Deputy Head Girl and a wonderful person. She took pride in her work and did all she could to be the best at it.


Ebenezer Kio: 1988
He is one of the brains that was destined to be remembered for a long time. Legend has it that all the teachers that ever taught him kept some of his notebooks in which he did not get a question wrong for the next generation to see. He once told a group of JSS students while punishing them that he could read Greek and Latin. It was never verified but like the Greeks, he was always seeking knowledge. On one award day, he took home eight awards out of ten subjects. I wonder if his mother taught him how to share. He was the Head Boy, and acted in various dramas.