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Mrs. Asiedu Akrofi:
She was our English and Literature Teacher. She was older that most of the teachers and she was very disciplined. She expected a lot from her students. You would lose 10% of your points when you forget to put the date, and would kneel in front of the class for forgetting to do your homework. She always would encourage us to read and improve our vocabulary. Often, she would bring candy (sweets) for her favorite class, and you had to make sure the class was clean before her period.


Mrs. Obadan:
This was a women I believe was at peace with herself. She expressed herself freely in a very friendly manner and would say things many women in that culture would not dare to say. There was a time she was teaching and she said to a student in front of the class, "fine boy". The boy was fine but it really made the class laugh. She was very knowledgeable when it came to the subject of Economics. She actually taught the chapters of the book without looking at it.


Mr. Onotole:
He was the Music teacher and was always very funny. He loved to play the piano and was very good at organizing cultural dances and other musical events. He was a no nonsense kind of guy and was very quick to discipline students who erred. Aside from teaching classes, he also tutored other outside on how to play the piano and I believe other musical instruments. This was a good role model for us because it is good to use your skills to acquire income outside of your regular job.


Mr. Omoregie:
He was our Wood-work teacher. He was not very tall but respected himself. A lot of undisciplined students always made fun of him because he was short, bald, and his English was not the best. The truth of the matter was that he had a lot to offer. He understood his field of study and he taught it very well. He was a very compassionate man and he always bent over backwards to help his students succeed. There was not a time we went to meet him for clarification of a subject or a project that we did not get assistance beyond what was expected.


Mr. Ehimen:
He was our Metal-work teacher and was very hardworking. While he was teaching, he was also getting his education at the university. I believe he was studying Engineering because a lot of students have reported that they saw him there studying in the evenings whenever they went there and some said he told them so. We did a lot of projects with him, and he made us make various tools and equipment using different metals.


Monsieur Dioka:
He was an energetic man and was not very tall. He was full of life and appeared to be quite accomplished. He was among the youngest teachers but had his own car. I believe it was an Audi and he maintained it very well. There was something funky about him that made him a kind of a "playboy". Maybe it was the French that he taught that made him look a little exotic. He had a sweet personality and was kind of "motherly" towards his students. He enjoyed teaching and the girls always loved him. He was a kind of man little girls loved to know, but he was sweet towards everyone, even to his fellow teachers.


Mrs. Aiyede:
During my junior secondary, she was voted as the "sexiest" female teacher by some of the seniors of the time. She dressed really nice and was always on heels. I guess her Home-Economics knowledge paid off on her appearance. She was soft spoken and always wanted to teach in a neat classroom. If I recall correctly, I believe she was the head of the Home-Economics teachers. She was also known for giving good advice.


Mr. Osawe Shashi:
He brought color and grace to the school within a very short period of being employed by the school. I believe he was hired as a junior secondary English teacher, but he transformed himself into an athletic coach, drama and dance coordinator, and even assisted other clubs in the school towards accomplish their goals. In his first two years, he helped coordinate Dan Fodio House's athletic and sports teams, produced the "Gods are not to Blame" for the school, and helped prepare the Conservation Club for their dance drama show in Warri by collaborating with Oduwa "Da Governor" Imasuen.

Mrs. Nnodim:

Mrs. Izokun-Ethiobio (late):
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