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Edo Alphabet "A" - Chair, Water, Basket, Pot, Bird ...


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Edo English Edo Sentences English Translations English Sentences
a is Upku a ya se amen Cup is use pour water A cup is used to pour water
adeghe hope Adeghe u dee vbe akhue hope you come tomorrow I hope you will come tomorrow
adesuwe center, midst Ikian re adesuwe uwomwen Fly is in the center/midst soup There is a fly in the soup
adiseneva middle Mudia ye adiseneva oghe ikhuo nii Stand in the middle of women these Stand in the middle of these women
Aga Chair, Chairs Mu aga ye evbana Carry chair into/place right here Put/place the chair right here
Agbaka Crocodile, Crocodiles Agbaka re uwe eze Crocodile is inside the river The crocodile is inside the river
Agbamwen Jaw, Jaws Agbamwen na khin Jaw is this This is a jaw
agbon life, lives Agbon na wa ma Life this is very good  This life is very good
Aho Hoe, Hoes Aho re ugbo Hoe is in farm The hoe is in the farm
Aka Cocoa yam, Coco yams Aka ma ga Cocoa yam not done (well cooked) The cocoa yam is not well cooked
Akhe Pot, Clay pot Se amen ye akhe Pour water into pot Pour water into the pot
akhue tomorrow A gha lerhumwun vbe ahkue We shall/will pray tomorrow We shall/will pray tomorrow
Akon Tooth, Teeth Akon oghe wa gbiwhen Teeth his/her very dirty His/her teeth is very dirty
akponmwen thanks Ghi ma akpomwen Osa   Let us thank God Let us thank God
akugbe together Akugbe o e etin togetherness is strenght There is power in unity
Amen Water, Waters Amen oghe ivin vbo? Water of coconut where? Where is the coconut water?
Amwen Tongue, Tongues Amwen ekita kakabo tan Tongue dog very long The Dog's tongue is very long
Animo Orange, Oranges Animo ma kakabo vbo Orange not very ripe The orange is not very ripe
Aro Eye, Eyes I mwen aro eva I have eyes two I have two eyes
Arubara Onion, Onions Arubara seti sie evbe ye aro Onions can cause tears in the eyes Onions can cause tears
Asan Cane, Canes Ye asan ya khue emila ye evbana re Use cane to chase cow from here Use the cane to chase the cow away from here
Asen Spit Tue asen fua  Throw spit out Spit out the saliva
Atatowe Bottom of feet Atatowe oghe wa ye kakaka bottom of feet his/her very is dry The bottom of his/her feet is very dry
Atete Basket, Baskets Atete oghe okhokho Basket of chickens Chicken basket
Ayanmwen Bird, Birds Ayanmwen ere kpekpeye khin A bird is duck this A duck is a bird
Ayun Drink, Drinks Ayun ere ekoki khin Drink is cocacola this Cocacola is a drink
Azen Witch, wizard We yayi ighere azen ro? You beileve that witches exist? Do you believe in witches?