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Aimiuwu, E. E. (2019). Influence of Instructors in Engaging Online Graduate Students in Active Learning in the United StatesInternational Journal of Educational and Pedagogical Sciences13(11), 1398-1404.


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As of 2017, many online learning professionals, institutions, and journals are still wondering how instructors can keep student engaged in the online learning environment to facilitate active learning effectively. The purpose of this qualitative single-case and narrative research is to explore whether online professors understand their role as mentors and facilitators of studentsí academic success by keeping students engaged in active learning based on personalized experience in the field.  Data collection tools that were used in the study included an NVivo 12 Plus qualitative software, an interview protocol, a digital audiotape, an observation sheet, and a transcription.  Seven online professors in the United States from LinkedIn and residencies were interviewed for this study.  Eleven online teaching techniques from previous research were used as the study framework.  Data analysis process, member checking, and key themes were used to achieve saturation.  About 85.7% of professors agreed on rubric as the preferred online grading technique. About 57.1% agreed on professors logging in daily, students logging in about 2-5 times weekly, knowing students to increase accountability, email as preferred communication tool, and computer access for adequate online learning. About 42.9% agreed on syllabus for clear class expectations, participation to show what has been learned, and energizing students for creativity.


Key Findings:

  • Online instructors should log into their online platforms daily for better class facilitation.

  • Syllabus is essential and must set clear expectation for students to understand and follow.

  • Online students should log into their online platforms about 4-5 days weekly to be adequately engaged in class.

  • Professors knowing their students helps the active online learning process - Residencies, students' profile pictures, video interactions etc.

  • Deadlines, minimum weekly response, and submission that requires thought should be enforced with grades.

  • Online students prefer email communication, Rubric grading, multiple choice & short essays, and frequent announcements for updates.


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