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Aimiuwu, E. (2012).  A Case for Hurricane Irene: Disaster Recovery Preparedness Score, Journal of International Business Education, 7, 47-64.  

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This case study is for business students, who are taking a class in Disaster Recovery from an internet securities perspective. It is recommended that the students should have been exposed to the issues of disaster recovery (DR), recovery plans, business criticality, business tolerance, computer security, risk management techniques, and recovery strategies before reading this case. This case is about trying to measure the disaster recovery preparedness (DRP) of a university by creating a disaster recovery preparedness score (DRPS) in order to evaluate how prepared universities are for major disasters that may disrupt their business operations. It also serves as a template for students to understand and appreciate the parts of a complete implementation of a university’s DRP plan.  


Key Findings:

  • Efficient disaster recovery preparedness score is based on disaster recovery; computer security; risk management; recovery strategies; & recovery plan.

  • Disaster Recovery deals with data availability, data confidentiality & data integrity; business recovery; customer trust; & equipped employees.

  • Computer security is about security techniques, data availability, security controls, & security functions.

  • Risk management addresses tolerance levels, criticality, outage times, & down times.

  • Recovery strategies deals with alternate sites & equipment replacements.

  • Recovery plan is about the support team, training, & maintenance.


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