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Aimiuwu, E. (2013).  A Case for Calculating Innovation Score: Comparison between Apple Inc & Microsoft Corp, Information Systems Educational Journal, 11(5), 10-15.  

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This case study is about measuring the innovation score of a firm and comparing it against a competitor within a particular industry nationally. It is meant to motivate students who are interested in how business intelligence dashboards can be used to measure innovation of firms. The case study is for students who are taking a class in business innovation, measuring business productivity, and business intelligence. Students should have studied the importance of innovation in business performance, as well as the strategies, tools, and roles of business intelligence before reading this case. 


Key Findings:

  • Producing many dynamic & fanciful gadgets that affects peoples' lives does not make the firm more innovative.

  • Innovation should not be based on number of products, innovations, patents, or revenue alone, but by employee survey on motivation to innovate, firm structure, market power, human capital, and financial power.

  • As of 2013, Microsoft Corp. was more innovative than Apple Inc.

  • Apple Inc. had more revenue but needs to improve its firm structure, market power, human capital, and financial power.


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