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Aimiuwu, E., Bapna, S., & Ahmed, A. (2012).  How Web Search and Social Media Affect Google AdSense Performance, Americas Conference on Information Systems Proceedings, Paper 1, 1-11. 

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The purpose of this empirical and exploratory research is to investigate whether social capital through social media can increase online revenue through Google AdSense for conventional websites. Due to the fact that many Americans today are having problems with work and income, but still have time to spend on Facebook or other social media, it may be the right moment in internet marketing history to utilize a social medium they are already wedded to as a platform to make some revenue. The aim is to see if Facebook friends, on a daily basis, can actually be a good way to increase Google AdSense Revenue rather than relying on search engines to bring customers or clickers to your website without asking your social capital (Facebook friends) to intentionally click on the AdSense advertisement. It was discovered that AdSense clicks, web content searches, and website visits were significant in driving AdSense revenue through Facebook to any website. AdSense clicks and click-through-ratios (CTR) where significant for low content search value websites without revenue increase, while AdSense clicks and AdSense page views were significant for high content search value websites when Facebook was utilized to increase AdSense revenue. 


Key Findings:

  • Facebook increases clicks for both low and high content value websites.

  • Cost-per-click in Google AdSense is also a factor in determining revenue.

  • Content in of itself is biased on the value of the AdSense click placed on each website.

  • Websites that have higher content search value will most likely make more AdSense revenue than websites with low content search value.

  • High content search value is searched for more frequently and results in more clicks that drive AdSense revenue.

  • Low content search value websites depend on clicks and CTR, while high content value websites depend on clicks and AdSense pageviews.

  • Any website depends on clicks and content searches to increase AdSense revenue through the use of Facebook.



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