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What Does the Bible say about Collaboration Between Nations and Peoples?
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2 Chronicles 2:

Solomon got the worker together to build God's temple.  He sent word's to the Hiram, king of Tyre, to assist him with cedar just as he did for David to build God's house.  Solomon wanted God's temple to be great because God was mightier than all gods and even the heaven could not hold God.  Solomon also requested skilled workers in gold, silver, bronze, iron, and other precious metals.   He also wanted algum timber and cypress from Lebanon.  Hiram agreed to deliver the services to Jerusalem in exchange for wheat, bailey, oil, and wine.  Hiram also sent Huram-abi, an Israeli from the tribe of Dan that had a Tyre dad and lived in Tyre, to be the expert guide in working on precious metals.  In whatever you want or do, there is always someone out there to assist you.  All you have to do is to believe it as well as have the determination and patience to find that person.

2 Chronicles 3:

In the 2nd month of the 4th year of Solomon's reign, he began to build God's temple on mount Moriah, exactly where God appeared to David on the threshing floor of Orman, the Jebusite.  That was where David bought and build an altar of God upon so that God would not destroy the people because he took a census.  So with God, there is a reason and location for everythingSo a follower of God must understand what, when, where, and why he or she says, does, and thinksEven God accounts for his actions.  David did not just build God's temple anywhere that looked beautiful, but a strategically chosen location of historical significance.

  The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land

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2 Chronicles 4:

King Solomon of Israel and King Hiram of Tyre furnished God's temple together with precious metals, engravings, vessels, and sculptures. God appreciates collaboration between different nations and peoples.

2 Chronicles 5:

Solomon completes God's temple and brings in all the things that David had dedicated to God.  Then Solomon gathered the priests, the Levites, elders, and heads of tribe in Israel to bring the Ark of God from Zion (Jerusalem) into God's temple.  The Levites took the Ark and brought it to the temple.  Only the two tablets that Moses put in the Ark, which contained God's covenant with Israel, since when they came out of slavery in Egypt are in the Ark.  The priests and the Levites then lead songs of praise to God and the entire temple was filled with the cloud of God.  The priests had to stop ministering because God's glory filled the temple. 

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