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Edofolks on Africa: Articles on Pre-colonial Africa & Modern Africa

This page provides news perspective on Africa.  For readers who are interested in more current discussion on African news perspective, they have come to the right place for it. 

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Why African History?
Time for a Marshall Plan for Africa
Early African Exodus to Asia
Oldest African Footprint Ever ...
African and Egyptian Beliefs!
Egypt and other African Cultures
Remembering Nkrumah
Who is an African Herbalist
A legacy of African Civilization: Benin
Edo from SaoTome and principe
Some Other African Kings
Zimbabwe´s Historical setting
Africa Traditional Medicine
Did African Explorers Civilize Europe

Africa: Out of the Dark (6/03)
Africa: Cradle of Writing (6/03)

Moses: An African Name (6/03)
African Spirituality (7/04)
Great Africans (7/04)
Africa: The truth (7/04)
Africa's influence in the Ancient World (1/05
Why Africans do not read nor write (3/05)
Butcher of the Congo (3/05)
Role of African Slave Traders (3/05)
Second Scramble for Africa (3/05)
Is Zimbabwe a Threat to Africa? (3/05)
Botha: A Speech from the Heart (11/06)
Lord Lugard's Analysis of Africans (11/06)
Botha & Lugard: Beauty of an Enemy (2006)
FIFA & the Politics of Soccer (2006)
Empowering Africans from Abroad (5/07)
A Lesson from Mandela (9/07)
What Nigeria & Africa Must Accomplish in 2008 (1/08)
Arabs in Africa (3/09)


FIFA World Cup 2010: African Deficiency (6/10)
Why African players do not perform for country (7/10)
Uganda World Cup Blast (7/10)
FIFA Takes Over CAF & African Football (7/19)
Netflix Movie - Freedom: Why Blacks have bad economies (4/20)

The Political & Spiritual Purpose of the Holy Land
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